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I’m too emotional for my own good. Made me cry

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Those words are the last words a father’s to his dead daughters who killed by Bashar al-Assad and his supporter army with chemical weapon attack.

Almost 2000 innocent people died at this attack. Most of all, 0-10 years old children. Most of them, killed while they are sleeping. They couldn’t wake up for a new day.

There’s no words to explain this massacres. You don’t have to be a Syrian or Muslim to support this people. This can be happen to you, one day. We don’t know what’s gonna happen to us. Please, share this with everyone. Please.

[NOTE: My english is pretty bad but I hope you’d get it.]

This ríps my heart open every time I see it

probably the saddest thing I’ve ever seen

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Charles Bukowski, The People Look Like Flowers At Last (via introspectivepoet)

and the room blooms with madness…
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